MCFO Film Permit Services


The Maui County Film Office (MCFO) provides assistance with permitting for federal, state and county jurisdictions within the County of Maui.

When is a Film Permit Required?

There is NO filming at County beach parks on weekends and holidays. All productions, regardless of medium, size, scope, budget level, filming on private property or public spaces, MUST contact and register with the Film Office.

How To Apply

Follow these steps when applying for a Maui County Film Office (MCFO) Film Permit: 

  1. Read the MCFO Film Permit Handbook (PDF)
  2. Read the MCFO Code of Conduct (PDF)
  3. Contact the Maui County Film Office if you have any questions. The Maui County Film Office (MCFO) provides the applicant with assistance in completing the Film Permit application and determining what other County, State or Federal permits may be needed.
  4. Obtain an Insurance Certificate (PDF)
  5. Complete the Film Permit Application form (PDF)
  6. Submit the Film Permit Application to the MCFO

Permit Processing Time

Permit processing time varies depending on the complexity of the production and additional agency permit requirements. Applicants should allow a minimum of 2 weeks processing time.

Duration of Approval

Once granted, a MCFO Film Permit is valid for dates and times as issued.


There is no fee to file a MCFO Film Permit Application, however additional fees may apply depending on what other associated agency permits are required.

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